Any size. Any stage. 

Kamiko design and development services are flexible and scalable for any size company, at any life-cycle stage. Our vision is to develop innovative products and to achieve technological breakthroughs with customers in major industries worldwide, from entrepreneurial startups to major global companies. We work to meet our various clients’ needs whether it includes a full scale program or redesign of an existing product line, from merely subsystem mechanical design to full turn-key projects.

Our product development process:

Our team has the optical, mechanical, electrical, SW, system engineering and program management capabilities to lead all phases of the product development process. Starting from exploration of multiple conceptual paths and system requirements definition; through realization of requirements and constraints (ergonomics, technical feasibility, manufacturability, cost, time to market) to product design, followed by prototype assembly and testing, and onto initial series and mass production.

Transfer to production

Product Definition

Design & Engineering

V&V & Prototype





    Our core skills:

  • Electro-optical and opto-mechanical system design

    • Extreme Precision Optics, micro lenses and mirrors, optical Line Of Sight stabilization, lasers, all wave-length sensors use (Thermal- LWIR, MWIR, SWIR)

    • Miniature mechanical mechanisms, micro gears, high precision controlled movement, limited-space constraints design

    • Miniaturization of tabletop systems into hand-held devices

    • Electro-optical systems for aerial, marine and surface platforms

    • Fiber optic sensors & instruments

  • Electronics board design and firmware

  • Software development for mobile and tabletop devices

  • Real-time measurement and control

  • Machine vision and robotics

  • Connected and integrated products (IoT)

  • Use of various materials and manufacturing technologies

  • Precision jigs and test devices for assembly and calibrations



Business models:

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking for R&D services or a well-established company with a special project that cannot justify the use of your in-house resources, we can help. Kamiko offers different business models for collaboration with our various clients:

  1. Fixed project cost for a specific project having a definite starting point, end point and objective.

  2. Retainer fee basis - for longer term projects in which time framework is difficult to define or when objectives are fluid.

  3. General consultancy per hour/day for professional observation and advice on R&D and production issues.

  4. Reduced cost with royalties on product sales can be considered for some startups or companies under certain conditions.